Signs Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency Sees In Stagnant Marketing Careers

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During times of uncertainty, it is completely normal to feel a little out of place or anxious about your job. Most marketing professionals are in the same boat. The constant changes in marketing strategy, new technology developments, and even changes in job descriptions have left top talent unsure about their next career move. However, if you are dreading going to work or have little to no motivation, you need to re-evaluate your current position. As the leading digital marketing recruitment agency, we have witnessed many marketing professionals stuck in a stagnant career and not even realize it.

When was the last time you felt challenged? Do you see yourself advancing in your current position? Are you still excited and motivated to start new projects? As marketing professionals, you should always strive to build a flourishing career. However, if you lose sight of your goals, it will not only hold you back but can jeopardize future opportunities as well. So how do you distinguish a stagnant career from a normal work routine? Here are the signs that tell you it’s time to enhance and add to your digital marketing skills.

Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Enhance Your Digital Marketing Skills:

Lack Of Promotions

As the leading digital marketing recruitment agency, we have found the most common reason marketers get passed up for promotions is due to static digital marketing skills. The truth is that eCommerce marketing is and will continue to be the largest development in today’s industry. As a result, businesses are investing in digital marketing talent that is well-positioned to successfully connect with their target audience.

Therefore, as you plan your next career step, make sure you give yourself enough time to reassess your failures and achievements. The best way to mitigate a stagnant career is to understand what skill-sets companies are looking for. Consider reaching out to marketing recruiters. By getting a better perspective on popular marketing roles and steering clear of slowly fading marketing positions, you can ensure that you are continually maintaining growth. In the end, you should continue to advance your skill-sets to ensure you add value to your team and further your career objective.

You Are Just Going Through The Motions

As marketing professionals, you should always push yourself to learn something new. According to psychological studies, adding more skill-sets to your resume helps you stay engaged, happy, and self-assured. If you can go through a routine with your eyes closed, you are most likely too comfortable at your job. It is important to challenge yourself daily. With the constant changes in marketing strategy, technology, and even job descriptions, marketers risk being left behind if they are not willing to advance their digital marketing skills.

The easiest way to step out of your comfort zone is to take on new tasks. Whether you are developing a more efficient way to execute the project or adding suggestions to better connect with the audience, taking an interest will keep you relevant and mitigate the risk of being looked over.

You Are No Longer Excited To Start New Projects

Lack of motivation and excitement is one of the side effects of being unhappy with your job. While it is reasonable to not be excited about every project you do in your career, the increase in complaints or negativity is a sign that should not be ignored. More often than not, constant negativity will affect your business relationships and even hinder the quality of your work.

As the leading digital marketing recruitment agency, one of the known factors for the lack of motivation is the constant failure to reach goals. If you have experienced difficulties achieving the goals you have set, consider breaking your goals down into smaller objectives. Practicing short-term goals and understanding the steps you need to take to achieve success will help you become more motivated to build a thriving career.

You No Longer Feel Efficient

When companies hire marketing professionals, it is mainly due to their marketing expertise and experiences. However, great marketers understand that the skills needed for your job back then need to be advanced to stay competitive in today’s market. If you have experienced frustration while completing your task or consistently making small mistakes, you need to figure out the source that is causing inefficiencies. Do you not understand the new technologies your team is using? Are you up to date on the latest marketing strategies? What resources do you need to achieve great results? The good news is most digital marketing skills are readily available for you to learn online. Here are some of the top certifications every marketing professional should attain:


Whether you have been with your company for 3 years or 15 years, your job should allow you to advance your career and utilize your best digital marketing skills. The reality is the constant evolution of marketing will not slow down. All marketers must stay up-to-date on the latest job skills. Now is a crucial time for candidates to revise and evaluate their skills and experience to make sure they are prepared to add value over the next decade.

To mitigate the risk of falling behind, you need to understand your next career move. Are you holding yourself back from opportunities? Does your company fail to advance with today’s market? If you believe you are well-equipped with the necessary skills to perform your job but find little room to utilize your skills, you should consider a possible career change. It will help you gain back the momentum you need to push yourself forward while building your confidence as a top marketing professional.

However, you need to be fully prepared before making a big step forward. Partnering with a specialized digital marketing recruitment agency can provide more knowledgeable ideas about new opportunities. They will be able to find the best cultural fit for your needs and reduce the stress of job searching. In the end, marketers should not jump at the first opportunity. You need to use all the tools and resources to understand what you need to thrive in this new environment.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum