What Constitutes Job Hopping in Today’s Job Market?

What Constitutes Job Hopping in Today's Job Market?
As marketing recruiters, we often hear questions from our candidates about what really constitutes job hopping in today’s dynamic and extremely competitive talent market. How will your next career move look like on your resume? How will it affect your career path in the future? Should you answer a recruiter’s call a year into a new job?

On another hand, we also come across candidates who are not strategic enough about building a strong marketing resume. Unknowingly, they make simple mistakes that will cost them their biggest career opportunities in the future.

In this video, Bob Van Rossum, President of MarketPro, explains what is considered job hopping by marketing recruiters today. He explains how job hopping may affect a your career and how to make important job decisions when every step counts.

Video: What Constitutes Job Hopping For Today’s Marketer?

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