6 Things You Should Always Tell Your Marketing Recruiter

marketing recruiter recruiters for marketing positions

Working with recruiters for marketing positions can truly make a big difference in your job search and the overall hiring process. It can be incredibly valuable in exploring a wider range of opportunities to find the job you want and drive your marketing career forward.

The support of a marketing recruiter means that you have someone in your corner who has your best interest in mind. As marketing headhunters ourselves, we strive to represent our candidates in the best light possible in order to find a position that’s the right fit for their needs.

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In order for recruiters to find the best position for you, you must be honest and transparent about your skills, work background, and personal life. Failing to disclose critical information early on can cause trouble down the line and cause you to miss out on a great opportunity.

While there are a few things you shouldn’t tell the recruiter you’re working with, there are certain things you must share. Here are the top six things you should always be candid about and be prepared to disclose when working with a marketing recruiter:


Money isn’t everything, but it is an important factor in a job search. Many people think they need to hide their salary information from recruiters but it actually saves everyone time if you’re upfront about it. While employers shouldn’t be asking you about your history of income, it’s important to recognize that the way you interact with recruiters is different from how you would with HR managers directly from the hiring company.

For marketing recruiters to accurately gauge the right roles for your needs, it’s important to share what you want in your next job. When the topic of compensation comes up, it’s good to be transparent so that you can be presented with jobs that fit your financial needs. This way, your recruiter will better be able to evaluate whether a position’s salary is too low or too high based on your current or previous earnings. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing what you make or made in the past, it’s beneficial to at least share a range that you want to make.

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Life Milestones

It’s important for you to disclose any major life changes lying ahead that could possibly interfere with a new job opportunity.

For instance, if you’re getting married soon and your spouse doesn’t want to relocate, it’s helpful if your marketing recruiter knows. If you know you’re pregnant, it’s important to disclose that so your recruiter brings you opportunities from employers who offer maternity leave.

These types of major milestones are important to share so that so your recruiter finds positions that are ideal for your personal circumstances. The right recruiters want to build genuine relationships with the candidates they work with, so don’t be hesitant in sharing personal information with yours. Choosing to keep important details about your personal life hidden will affect the positions a recruiter presents and how they fit into your life.

Personal Background

It’s important to reveal anything from your past that could possibly catch your recruiter or any employers by surprise in a bad way.

Any run-ins with the law enforcement or government should definitely be shared up front. It’s better for recruiters to learn about situations like these directly from you rather than from a background check. Any concerns from your past that aren’t disclosed early on will be harder to explain and understand.

Your Job Search

marketing recruiter recruiters for marketing positions

It’s beneficial for you to let your recruiter know where you’re standing in your job search. If you have other jobs that you’re in the process of interviewing with, it’s important to let it be known.

For instance, if you’re engaged in the third round of interview with another job, it’s important that your recruiter is aware. This way, they can better gauge if they need to move faster in the hiring process for any job they have brought your way.

History with the Hiring Company

It’s imperative to tell your marketing recruiter if you’ve previously worked with or interviewed with the hiring company early on. Any previous engagements with the company should be discussed, as they can hinder your candidacy for the position.

Your Candid Skills

Recruiters are great researchers and can uncover a lot of information. You don’t want to be misleading, so make sure to represent your skills and expertise accurately.

You want to be your most authentic self so don’t lie about your qualifications. Don’t waste anyone’s time going through the process for a job that you’re not equipped to take on.

Final Thoughts

As noted, working with recruiters for marketing positions can be extremely beneficial for your career growth. Being upfront and candid about personal and professional information early on is key in successfully working with a recruiter. By being transparent about key things about your career and personal life, you’ll be able to find the job you’ve always wanted!

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