Top 5 Certifications to Make You a Leading Social Media Marketer

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Over the recent years, social has undoubtedly become an important part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy. Regardless of the size of a business or the industry it serves, there’s no denying that social media has completely transformed the way we market and consume.

Nearly every component of digital marketing involves social media in some way. In turn, a successful digital strategy involves a successful social strategy, which ultimately relies on effective integration across the entire marketing department and business as a whole.

That’s why it’s necessary for digital marketers (especially social media marketers) to stay on top of social media trends and pick up on new skills, no matter what field you’re in. With the rise of new technologies, the skills needed to support them are constantly changing. Social media recruiters and hiring managers place those with verified experience and social media marketing certifications as leading candidates.

Social Media Recruiters’ Top Certifications to Set You up for Success

In a highly competitive job market against top marketing talent, it’s beneficial to discover different ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

Want to place yourself ahead? Whether you’re currently seeking a new opportunity or wanting to brush up your social media marketing skills, consider adding these certifications to establish yourself as a social media pro.

1. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and is one of the most effective social channels to advertise on (remember, Instagram advertising runs through Facebook Business Manager). So when it comes to social media contractors, we know employers highly value marketers who know the back end of Facebook.

Video by Facebook Business

Facebook Blueprint offers two credentials – the Certified Planning Professional and Certified Buying Professional certifications. Both are meant for marketers who manage and develop Facebook business pages and advertising campaigns. Each Blueprint certification is valid for one year and involves two exams for completion in either the Planning or Buying expertise.

The Blueprint Certification from Facebook is the only one that’s formally recognized by the social media platform. Social media recruiters encourage marketers who work with Facebook advertising to get certified, as it’s designed to test your Facebook marketing skills to the fullest extent.

Where to get it: Facebook Blueprint

Cost: $150 for each exam

2. Twitter Flight School

Twitter Flight School

Twitter offers two “paths” to help marketers create more effective marketing campaigns and build a stronger presence on the platform. The Marketing Leadership program aims to help users improve marketing strategies and discover ongoing business opportunities. It covers five 10 to 15 minutes courses, making it about 60 minutes to complete the entire program. The Executive Leadership course caters to those looking to enhance their personal brand, and only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Twitter Flight School offers best practices and real examples from businesses to help marketers better integrate the social platform into their work. Simply log in with your Twitter account and you have access to both of these programs.

While these programs may not be the most in-depth or as groundbreaking as other online courses, social media staffing agencies encourage anyone to take advantage of them.

Where to get it: Twitter Flight School

Cost: Free

3. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Social Specialist

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Social Specialist

Salesforce is one of the most widely-used automation and integration platforms in the marketing world. The platform provides one of the most comprehensive social media certifications available, which is designed for those who need to sharpen their skills and experience with social media.

To acquire this certification, you must demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of developing a social media marketing strategy and that you know how to use Salesforce to execute it by passing an exam. The multiple-choice exam covers a wide range of concepts, including building strategic social media processes, designing workflows, and troubleshooting basic platform issues. While there aren’t any prerequisites necessary for the exam, Salesforce recommends completing their Social Studio course in advance.

Social media recruiters will certainly take notice of marketers who know how to use major platforms like Salesforce, especially if it’s a tool a potential employer has in its technology stack. Having this certification to prove your expertise will be extremely valuable.

Where to get it: Salesforce

Cost: Registration fee for the certification exam if $200, and an additional $100 per test if you need to re-take it.

4. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

Hootsuite is a popular and well-known social media management platform for businesses that also offers social media marketing training for marketers of all levels. It offers introductory to advanced social advertising certifications aimed at helping marketers develop core social marketing skills.

Video by Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s Social Marketing Certification tests your knowledge of social by administering a 60-question online exam. The platform recommends taking its free online courses to ensure you pass the exam the first time around.

Unlike some digital certifications, once you pass the exam, the certification never expires and is forever yours to keep. Social media recruiters notice marketers with credentials from industry-recognized sources and platforms such as Hootsuite.

Where to get it: Hootsuite Academy

Cost: Hootsuite offers three different social media certifications, at various price points:

  • Social Marketing Certification: $199
  • Advanced Social Advertising Courseware and Certification: $249
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification: $999

5. Quintly Social Media Analytics

Free social media analytics courseYour social media efforts aren’t truly valuable until you’re able to measure and evaluate them accurately.

This course provided by quintly Academy covers basic principles of social media analytics for both beginners and marketers who need a little refresher. With quintly’s online course, you’ll learn how to track and measure your performance on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram.

Social media recruiters recommend marketers to get a comprehensive understanding of analytics and how to translate data into strategy. Being able to speak numbers is a powerful skill to have as a social media marketer; it gives you credibility no matter what discipline in marketing you are an expert in.

Where to get it: quintly Academy

Cost: Free


Instead of playing catch-up in a world where technology and social media are taking over, set yourself up for success by getting ahead with cutting-edge social media marketing skills.

With the abundance of digital courses and certifications available, there’s no excuse for those who want to become top social media marketers to not take advantage of such resources (when many are free!).

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