5 Essential Steps You Need to Take to Prepare for Your Next Marketing Job Search

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Initiating a job search is a challenging and demanding process for many marketing professionals. Whether you’re unemployed and searching for a work opportunity or looking to get out of your current job, it’s a daunting task that can be overwhelming.

Many marketing search firms know how important it is to approach looking for a new job as cautiously as possible. There’s an abundance of information already out there on social media networks and the internet for employers to see – one minor slip-up can be a huge deterrent in you getting a job.

In such a crowded job market – especially for senior and C-level executive positions – the job searching process shouldn’t be taken lightly. So before you submit your application to any position, make sure you take certain precautions to safeguard your reputation and credibility as a marketer.

A Marketing Search Firm’s Top Tips for Your Next Job Search

Here’s what the top marketing recruiting agencies encourage marketing professionals to do before actively going out and looking for a new job, and to position themselves as the top candidate.

Update Your Resume

marketing search firms marketing recruitment agencies

The best way to make yourself stand out from the competition is to impress employers and marketing search firms with cutthroat leverage against other candidates. You have to display your top-notch skills and expertise as a marketing expert in the most concise way possible. This is why updating your resume and other relevant documents like your cover letter is key in jump-starting your process of looking for a new job.

Far too often, professionals don’t tailor their resumes substantially enough to fit the position. Make sure your resume and cover letter contain necessary keywords that employers and marketing recruitment agencies will specifically be looking for when recruiting potential candidates. Your resume is one of the most important parts in persuading employers and recruiters that you’re the top candidate of a position so don’t neglect it.

Make sure your resume is easy to read and filled with all of the relevant work experience and skills you possess. Pay close attention to ensuring that each point includes quantifiable accomplishments and achievements companies can use to gauge the kind of value you can add to their bottom line.

Re-engage and Grow Your Network

marketing search firms marketing recruitment agencies

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking of some sort. The power of networking in the business world is undeniable, especially in the marketing landscape.

It’s wise to constantly be developing and nurturing your personal and professional networks, but it can be hard to put in the work when you’re busy with so many other things. With a job search looming, now is the time to catch up with old contacts and make some new ones.

Many marketing search agencies see marketing professionals tend to lose touch with their acquaintances when they get busy with work and their personal lives. But this can cost your career–many senior marketing jobs are filled via networking more than they are by major job search engines like Indeed or Monster.

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a little bit of constant network nurturing can go a long way.

Stay engaged with professional contacts–especially those you used to work with. Make time to meet for coffee or drinks after work. Join a professional organization–the American Marketing Association is a great resource for marketing professionals.

Refresh Social Accounts

Whether you’re successfully keeping up with the emergence of technology in the marketing world, it’s necessary you maintain an active presence on social media networks. And whether you like it or not, employers and marketing recruitment agencies will look for you online to get a deeper understanding of who you really are.

Polish up all of your social media profiles to make sure there’s no inappropriate content. You want to make sure you don’t taint your personal brand and reputation as a marketing expert by having something inappropriate out on the web. From LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter, your social media profiles should be a valid and impressive representation of yourself as an individual and a marketer.

Along with keeping your social network profiles clean and polished, use it as a weapon to give you a substantial competitive advantage over other candidates. Post content that will help you enhance your credibility as a marketing expert. Publish articles, share news, and create engaging conversation with others on relevant industry topics. Establishing yourself as an authoritative and knowledgeable expert in your field will certainly impress recruiters and employers.

The demeanor you carry online is just as important as how you behave in real life – it is the first thing companies use to screen you as a potential candidate. Thus, don’t neglect your social media when starting a job hunt – it can make or break your job hunting search before it even starts.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

marketing search firms marketing recruitment agencies

So you’ve got all of the tangible components like your social media and resume in order and ready to go but don’t neglect your state of mind – a job search is challenging and unfortunately, rejection is inevitable.

Marketing search firms find that many professionals feel defeated and want to give up when they don’t get a call back or an offer. Don’t take rejection too personal. Not getting the results you want can negatively impact your mindset so preserving a good attitude throughout the process of your job searching journey is key in seeing successful results.

Maintaining a positive attitude and an open mind is also important in having a good interview. This is your time to shine – the big moment! Don’t ruin all of your hard work by not mentally preparing yourself for an in-person or phone interview. Conduct extensive research on the companies you’ve applied for and be professional.

Consider what past achievements you want to highlight. Go over case studies of your experience, challenges you’ve overcome and stories that demonstrate your marketing aptitude.

Be confident but don’t be arrogant – this will drive employers away. Mentally prepare yourself for all possible scenarios before you start your job search and keep a solid attitude throughout your journey. These basic tips will be the solid foundation for the success of your job hunt.

Line Up Your References for Marketing Search Firms

Prepare a solid list of references companies and recruiters can contact before you jump-start your job search. Whether employers check your references or not, preparing a list of references will only help you in the long run.

Give your references a heads up and make sure they’re okay with it. Prepare a document with reputable and credible references that can successfully confirm your expertise as a marketing professional.

Cleaning up your digital footprint, building a strong network of connections, and maintaining a positive mindset are some of the basic steps to successfully prepare you for your job searching journey and maximize your chances of getting hired.

When you’re trying to find a new job, it’s important to recognize how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. These steps will ensure that you don’t fail before you’ve started your job search.

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