Top 15 Best Cities to Snag a Digital Marketing Job

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Are you looking to advance your digital marketing career?

Having the right skillset and experience is only part of the formula for digital marketing career growth. The other part is looking in the right places for new opportunities. Some markets will have more open, related jobs than others.

MarketPro has once again done the hard part for you, by calculating and determining where exactly opportunity is most ample across the nation for digital specialists. You’ll most likely be able to guess a few of the names on the list and see a few from previous years, but other locations will likely surprise you. Take a look!

15. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia maintains a healthy talent pool due to its many colleges and universities, which has resulted in the city’s continued employment growth in various areas where digital marketers can utilize their skills such as medical research and information technology. Another trend contributing to Philly’s economic growth is the increasing importance of local consumer and cultural amenities including museums, professional sports, performing arts venues, and restaurants. The metro area is a talent playground for Philadelphia marketing executive recruiters.

14. San Diego, CA

Though other parts of California house some of the largest companies in the world, the San Diego area is home to several lucrative digital marketing and media agencies. With many busy industries such as tourism, defense, trade, and research, the opportunities for digital marketers are pretty flexible. San Diego also has much opportunity for those looking to get into a business early, as a Forbes’ columnist named it one of the best cities to start a small business or startup company. Before heading to the great Birthplace of California, let a San Diego marketing executive recruiter find that perfect A-level position for you in all of the opportunities San Diego has to offer.

13. Dallas, TX

Dallas has made our list once again! Other Texas cities, like Austin, are increasing in the amount of marketing jobs and becoming tech hubs. However, Dallas isn’t conventionally considered as a major focus of marketing operations. Favorably, times are changing and Dallas is now able to broaden your horizons as a leading digital marketer. Let a Dallas marketing executive recruiter find you the perfect new role!

12. Baltimore, MD

Ranking 16th in the country for tech industry employment and over 50% of available jobs being in the sales, business, finance, or transportation industries, Baltimore is has ample opportunity for digital marketers. Being home to all of these successful industries makes for very flexible employment opportunities for anyone seeking digital marketing opportunities. Before you make your way to the Harbor, consult a Baltimore marketing executive recruiter, so they can find the perfect position for you.

11. Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital has finally crept its way onto our list. D.C.’s fastest growing industries are business, technology, and financial services, making it a gold mine for digital marketing jobs. Though D.C. is usually branded as a city where the majority of its labor force is employed by the federal government, D.C. is now home to a wide array of private businesses, mostly business management, financial, and technology companies, which makes the job opportunities in D.C. very flexible for digital marketers. Consulting a D.C. marketing executive recruiter would be in anyone’s best interest before making a move to the capital, as they can find the position that’s the perfect fit, with the right salary to keep up with the high cost of living.

10. Charlotte, N.C.

With Charlotte being recognized as an international finance center, there is much opportunity for marketers and digital marketers. Charlotte also ranked 5th on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 20 Large Cities to own a business, which grants digital marketers even more opportunity, as most new businesses need marketers to help get off the ground. Getting in touch with a Charlotte marketing executive recruiter may be beneficial, to find which industry will fit out best as a digital marketer.

9. Los Angeles, CA

In the big, busy city of LA, digital marketers are always in high demand. The wide range of industries in the economy could always use an expert digital marketer in this innovative city. The fast-growing Silicon Beach area should be in your sights, where jobs in professional, scientific and technical services are predicted to add over 20,000 job positions. Think you’re ready to take your talents to Los Angeles? Consult an expert Los Angeles marketing executive search firm and to jump start your search. The competition is intense and plentiful, so time is of the essence–LA is one of the most heavily populated cities on the list.

8. Atlanta, GA

Our very own home city has made the list once again, and is even higher on the list than before! But this doesn’t exactly surprise us. Anyone who’s had Atlanta in their sights recently knows that many industries here are booming, due largely to the efforts of its talented digital marketers. We’ve been Atlanta marketing executive recruiters for over 20 years, and it’s been extremely interesting to watch the local state of digital marketing and its talent pool expand and mature before our eyes.

7. New York, NY

It’s no surprise that The Big Apple continues to make our top 15 list. NYC is home to many of the the world’s most storied agencies, biggest brands, and a center of trade. It’s no surprise that there is always an abundance of digital marketing opportunities. The business center actually has the highest average for total open digital marketing jobs of any place on our list! If you’re ready to take on this concrete jungle, be prepared to put on your game face! You’ll have to compete with the 20,000,000 other residents in the job market. The competition for senior-level positions in digital marketing is even more fierce. New York marketing executive search firm can help you navigate this competition.

6. Chicago, IL

When it comes to this kind of list made by marketing executive recruiters, Chicago is one of the most common recurring locations. It’s no surprise that Chicago has landed a spot on our list again, being home to long-standing agencies and some of the world’s most active and recognizable B2C brands. Not only is Chicago the largest economic center in the Midwest region, it also has one of the world’s greatest and most diverse economies and has become an international hub for lucrative industries such as technology, finance, commerce, and transportation. As a result of its diversity, flexible job opportunities are abundant and marketing executive search in Chicago is common.

5. Minneapolis, MN

The Minneapolis–St. Paul area is the second largest economic center in the Midwest, behind Chicago. There is ample opportunity in this waterfront city, which was named one of America’s Best Cities for young professionals last year. Opportunities have peaked again this year, so Minneapolis marketing executive recruiters will mostly get an influx of job placements.

4. Denver, CO

The Denver economy continues to excel, with one of the highest employment rates in the country. Employment is growing quickly here, the housing market is hot and incomes are higher as well. Reports from The Denver Post indicate these positive growing factors are in part due to the legalization of new, fast-growing industries, in addition to the region’s consistent and established tourism and tech industries. A great number of top-level positions in digital marketing are offered at Denver marketing executive search firm.

3. Seattle, WA

Not only has Seattle made our list again, it has climbed its way up to the #3 spot! Seattle is a prime example of how just a few large companies can completely change the job market of a city. Since Amazon exploded there, its demand for employees has remodeled the marketing job landscape in the area. Microsoft also deserves some recognition for contributing to the ripple effect of increasing open jobs, due to their major presence in the city. Seattle marketing executive recruiters have noticed a candidate shortage in Seattle, and surprising, it is among the highest worldwide. Opportunity is bountiful in Seattle, why not take advantage?

2. Boston, MA

Many already have the dignified city of Boston in their sights for relocation, being attracted to its culture and distinguished higher education. In addition to its rich history, Boston has a diverse industry presence and one of the most powerful economies to match. This city is home to several large and well-established tech and biotech firms, which serve as the perfect environment for Boston marketing executive recruiter.

1. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco continues its reign as our #1 city for digital marketing jobs! While some tech companies that have an abundance of digital marketing jobs have made a home in other parts of California, the San Francisco area remains the epicenter for tech corporations. Alone, the area is home to some of the biggest hirers of marketers such as Facebook, Uber, GAP, Oracle, and Wells Fargo. With the region’s shining reputation as a world leader in tourism, trade, and tech, its rank as the best city to get a digital marketing job is well-earned. However, contact an experienced San Francisco marketing executive recruiter before you make your way to West Coast, to snag a decent salary that’ll meet the city’s high cost of living.


This research may not be exactly flawless. However, it does reflect what we’ve observed as a nationwide marketing recruiter and serves to give digital marketing specialists a general impression of what locations have the greatest opportunities right now in terms of career growth.

To determine our rankings, we searched three of the web’s most popular job boards (Indeed, ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn) for open digital marketing positions that were accepting applications. We compared the country’s largest metropolitan areas and determined who had the highest total amount of potential jobs. We operate on the assumption that use of online job sites to find candidates is roughly uniform across the country, though that obviously creates room for a bit of statistical error.



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