Craft the Perfect Marketing Resume in 9 Blog Posts

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The New Year has arrived! Now’s a perfect time to update your resume to jump on any opportunities presented this year from executive recruiters for marketing. As lifelong learners, marketers had to learn and adapt to constant changes and new developments in the past 12 months.

With new challenges come new skills to add to your marketing stack.

Here are the 9 best blog posts to help you craft the perfect marketing resume:

1. 15 Things Marketers Need to Stop Putting on Their Resumes

As marketers we spend a great amount of time and effort crafting the perfect resume but unbeknownst to most, marketing recruiters only spend a short 6 seconds looking over your credentials. When you only have six seconds to make the right impression, you have to make every word on your resume count. Check out our blog to make sure you don’t have these 15 items that can be removed from your resume right away to help your employment opportunities and avoid the trash pile of any executive recruiters for marketing.

2. 13 of The Most Eye Catching Skills on a Digital Marketer’s Resume

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Digital marketing is moving at the speed of light. If you’ve been a part of the technology forward movement then you’ve definitely gained amazing skills left and right. While it is a great attribute to add to your many talents, you aren’t the only marketer participating in digital marketing. If you’re looking to improve your career options, consider these 13 hot skills to make your resume more compelling to those executive recruiters for marketing.

3. The Single Most Important Way to Make Your Marketing Resume Stand Out to Executive Recruiters for Marketing

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Marketing recruitment companies look for engagement when looking over your resume. Today, marketers have access to a plethora of online tools to help describe in detail what your position entailed of. With tracking, analytics, reporting and automation tools there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to market yourself in the best way possible. Yet many marketers will simply list their responsibilities and job title and expect that to give an interviewer, hiring manager or marketing recruiter enough information. Trash the mediocre short list bullet points and use our post to see great examples of how to perfectly flex your polished skills.

4. How Your PDF Marketing Resume Could Be Holding Back Your Career

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As marketing talent recruiters, we’ve seen too many great candidates miss their next job opportunity due to this small but critical detail. Indeed, a .pdf file is beneficial to marketers in many ways including information security, creative formatting, and tampering prevention. But it can also hinder your next marketing dream job opportunity with employers. Employers heavily rely on Microsoft Office Suite, and you need to be able to convey your message to them in the easiest way possible. Also, hard to believe or not, some employers or gatekeepers don’t have compatible software to support .pdf documents.

5. The Key to Making the Contents of Your Marketing Resume Matter

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If you can’t efficiently market yourself, then why should an organization trust you to market their brand and products? If you’re a career focused marketer, you understand how important it is to optimize your resume to land that c-suite marketing role. An important piece of advice for marketers when it comes to resume optimization is to list demonstrably analytical evidence of the value they have provided their employers. Employers and marketing recruiters want to see engagement and results. Simply listing numbers is not enough information to convey your abilities.

6. Mind-Blowing Creative Marketing Resumes That Go Above and Beyond Your Paper CV

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For marketers, the resume is one of the most important career tools. The same energy and creativity that’s put into innovating a brand’s product should be put forth in their own resume. This is a marketers opportunity to not only tell marketing recruiters and employers their skills but to also show us. In a digital world, it’s not so complex to creatively show off your capabilities- even if you’re not a graphic design or web development guru. Find inspiration in these 4 creative marketing resumes that go above and beyond the traditional paper resume.

7. 9 Eye-Catching Certifications that Boost Your Marketing Resume

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Marketers can discover that certifications are a great alternative to boost their resume, professional development, and enhance their skills. A certification is not a replacement for true experience and is not a free ticket for a better job or higher salary. But it can definitely set you apart from candidates and actively demonstrate to employers that as a marketer you are a true lifelong learner. There are a few certifications that can better boost your resume optimization than others. We’ve taken the time out to sort them out for you- check out our list.

8. How to Take Advantage of the Differences Between Your Marketing Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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As executive recruiters for marketing we see marketers consciously or unknowingly make the mistake of treating their LinkedIn profiles and resume more or less the same. LinkedIn should be approached for what it is: a social network with a professional theme. In today’s digital world, whether you’re a digital marketer or not, you’re expected to have at the minimum an intermediate understanding about the use and functionality of social and digital platforms. So, misusing LinkedIn only shows employers that as a marketer, you’re not up to speed with social and digital. Don’t be your own hindrance in your career growth. Take a look at our post to make sure you’re not making this common mistake- that should be pretty uncommon.

9. 5 Reasons Not to Throw Money Away on a Professionally-Written Marketing Resume

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Whether you’re a time-tested veteran looking to make a big career move, or a recent graduate trying to break into the industry, your resume is too important to put in the hands of anyone else. With all the free resume writing tools at your fingertips, hiring a professional resume writer is an unnecessary expense. You are the most qualified individual to market yourself to employers. Show marketing recruitment companies you’re a master at your niche by personally crafting the perfect resume to flex your skills.

Stay tuned for another year of tips, stories, reports, and news all specially designed to help marketers find their dream jobs and grow their careers.

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