The 5 Best Posts on Resume and Job Search Advice For Marketers

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Update: Marketers its 2018! We have recent updates to help you in your new year job search. Check them out to reap in the benefits and land that role you’ve had your eye on since last year.

Marketers have had their work cut out for them the past year, having to adapt to constant change and new developments.

But with new challenges come new opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement. Marketing experts of all levels who have kept their heads up have been able to find ways to move their career forward over the last twelve months. If you want to join their ranks this year, try checking out our most popular posts of 2017 of career and job hunting advice written by experienced recruiters for marketing jobs and catered specially for marketers.

Update: 5 Trendy New Marketing Skills to Add to Your Arsenal in 2017

As marketers, we are lifelong learners.  Marketers have an expectation to stay updated with current trends and to know the ins and outs of the marketing world. So before you begin a new journey in search of a new job, we recommend you keep your current skills sharp–and add a few new ones that are in high demand but low supply. Click here for one of these hot emerging skills that employers want but the marketing workforce hasn’t yet fully adopted.

Now, you’re ready to check out a few of our top posts on resume and job search advice from the nation’s best marketing recruiters.

1. What to Do When a Marketing or Digital Recruiter Asks for Your Salary History

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Our most popular post of all last year didn’t come as much of a surprise. Many of our posts concerning marketers’ salaries get a lot of attention. It’s easy to understand why; this can be an extremely sensitive subject and there’s not a lot of reliable information out there for marketing professionals.

In case you don’t want to read the whole article, here’s the short version: when a marketing recruiter asks for your salary history, it’s in your best interests to provide it openly and honestly if you’re interested in the job they’re discussing.

But really, you’ll probably want to check out the post to fully understand the nuances of salary discussion and how you can use them to your benefit. We published this article partly in response to several high-profile “experts” who had previously recommended secrecy or deception in this discussion. Our mission as recruiters for marketing jobs was to dispel the misinformation and put candidates in the best possible position to win the job with a fair salary level.

2. The Single Most Important Way to Make Your Marketing Resume Stand Out

recruiters for marketing jobs digital recruiter best marketing recruiters

With more tracking, analytics, reporting and automation tools available to marketers now, there’s really no excuse not to be able to describe your success in detail on your resume. Yet many marketers will simply list their responsibilities and job title and expect that to give an interviewer, hiring manager or marketing recruiter enough information.

Running an ad campaign that drives $1 million in sales is great…or is it?

That simply won’t cut it when competing for a highly sought-after job or trying to impress a seasoned digital recruiter. There are a lot of factors that play into the creation of a great marketing resume. But the best marketing recruiters recognize that one of them stands out above all others. We’ve written a lot of resume optimization advice over the years, but this is the starting point on which everything else depends. Check out this post to make sure you’ve got your bases covered and aren’t making a huge mistake when applying to your dream job. It even includes some examples for you to base your own resume off of!

3. How Your PDF Marketing Resume Could Be Holding Back Your Career

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If any of the posts this year was a surprise success, it was this one. It’s one of those topics that is very important in resume etiquette, but rarely get’s talked about except by recruiters for marketing jobs.

It’s common for professionals to want to “lock” their resume in place by saving it in PDF form to keep it from getting tampered with and ensure it retains a consistent format. It’s especially common among marketers, who understand the value of appearances and may be artistically inclined themselves. However, this line of thinking can get you in trouble without even realizing it.

The disadvantages to only having a PDF edition ultimately outweigh any benefit you’re likely to get.

Learn how the .pdf at the end of your resume document could get you removed for consideration from a marketing job, and what you can do about it.

4. Five Free Apps Marketers Can Use to Learn New Digital Skills and Stay on Top of Trends

recruiters for marketing jobs digital recruiter best marketing recruiters

Digital marketing is evolving quickly, and digital marketing specialists have to keep up or get left behind. But staying up to speed and constantly updating your skillset is hard when you’re so busy with your day-to-day work–how can you make sure you’re keeping ahead of the pack?

You’ll have to get creative with the way you establish yourself as a life-long learner of digital marketing.

One simple way to keep your skills sharp is to leverage one of the many educational mobile apps available. These tools can be taken anywhere you go, and are often free or very affordable. Our list includes Google’s Primer, the SoloLearn Suite, and more. Check it out and download one to start the new year off right as a lifelong student of digital marketing.

5. The 15 Hottest Job Markets for Digital Marketing in 2017

recruiters for marketing jobs digital recruiter best marketing recruiters

This spot would originally have gone to an older report we released. But we decided to include this updated, more comprehensive edition instead.

Digital marketing is a huge and growing field right now, but some places are more fertile than others when it comes to job availability. We crunched the numbers for you and calculated the most bountiful job markets across the country for digital experts based on the number of job listings online from a digital recruiter compared to their population. You can probably guess some of the names on the list, like San Francisco and New York City. As Atlanta marketing recruiters, we were very pleased to see our own hometown make the list! But others cities will likely surprise you. Check it out, and let us know if your hometown broke the top 15!

Update: 4 Ways to Move Your PR and Communications Career Forward in 2018

If you haven’t been paying close attention over the last few years, it’s easy to have lost sight of the major trends that are shaping modern PR. The world of public relations and corporate communications is changing along with them, though not always keeping up. Forward-looking professionals in these fields who can see what’s changing can take advantage of the chaos to get the attention of public relations recruiters, grow their careers and provide more value to their employers. Here are some of the emerging traits we’re seeing clients looking for from their communications candidates.

Stay tuned for another year of tips, stories, reports, and news all specially designed to help marketers find their dream jobs and grow their careers.

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