The 15 Hottest Job Markets for Digital Marketing in 2017

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Update: Marketers have to be lifelong learners to stay in the game-that is especially true for digital marketing. Our Atlanta marketing recruiters bring digital marketers some resources they can use to update skills and creative resume ideas to showcase those skills.

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As seasoned Atlanta marketing recruiters, we recommend you keep your current skills sharp–and add a few new ones that are in high demand but low supply. Round out your marketing stack and make yourself even more desirable to employers. Need somewhere to start? Check out these hot emerging skills that employers want but the marketing workforce hasn’t yet fully adopted before diving into the top 15 list.

It’s December, which means it’s time for the annual industry and business prognostications. Looking for a fresh start to 2017 for your digital marketing career? MarketPro crunched the numbers for you and was able to paint a strong general picture of where the most bountiful job markets are across the country for digital experts. You can probably guess some of the names on the list, but others will likely surprise you. Check it out!

15. Nashville, TN

Nashville is on the horizons of becoming a business metropolis by 2035. The city has already caught the eye of major business forces from two San Francisco based tech firms, ride-sharing service Lyft and DayNine consulting. The combined growth will bring in a sum of 680+ marketing jobs to the city. Nashville’s alluring quality of life, affordability and an increasingly vibrant and diverse business environment make it alluring to people of all backgrounds. If you could use more excitement and or a change of pace, come to Music City and submit your resume with an experienced Nashville marketing recruiter!

14. Philadelphia, PA

With a strong local talent pool supported by the the many colleges and universities of Philadelphia, the city has continued to see employment growth in various sectors where digital marketers can flex their skills such as medical research, advanced materials and information technology. Another trend accounting to the economic growth is the growing importance of consumer amenities contributing to professional sports, performing arts organizations and venues, museums and restaurants. The metropolitan area is a playground for Philadelphia marketing recruiters.

13. Dallas, TX

This is one of the relatively surprising cities on our list. Some Texas cities like Austin, which is becoming a technology hub, are increasing in amount of marketing jobs. But Dallas typically isn’t considered as a a major center of marketing operations. Fortunately, times are changing and the addition of Dallas just makes your horizons as a digital marketer even broader. Let a Dallas marketing recruiter find you the perfect match for your next role!

12. Phoenix, AZ

Another pleasant surprise to our addition is the Valley of the Sun city Phoenix. With four Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries such as electronics, mining and retail the city has much to offer for digital marketers in the Phoenix economy. Start the year off sunny with an experienced Phoenix marketing recruiter who can help you navigate your way through the job market in the Sun city!

11. Los Angeles, CA

Digital marketers are always needed in the bustling city of LA! The economy has a wide array of industries that could use an expert digital marketer in the cutting-edge city. Set your eyes on Silicon Beach where jobs in professional, scientific and technical services are forecasted to add 21,700 job positions. Think Los Angeles is ready for your talents? Partner with an expert Los Angeles marketing recruiter and get a head start in the job market. Don’t waste time as the competition is fierce–LA is one of the most populous regions on the list.

10. Atlanta, GA

We’re very excited to see our very own home city so high on the list–but not surprised. Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on Atlanta in recent years knows that many industries here are booming, due in large part to the efforts of its of hard-working digital marketers. We’ve been Atlanta marketing recruiters for over 20 years, and it’s been fascinating to watch the state of digital marketing and the corresponding pool of talent grow and mature.

9. Chicago, IL

With a massive B2C market and as home to legendary agencies, it’s to no surprise that Chicago has landed a spot on our list. The city has one of the world’s largest and most diversified economies and is an international hub for leading successful industries such as finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Due to its industry diversity, flexible job opportunities are present and Chicago marketing staffing is common.

8. Minneapolis, MN

The Minneapolis–St. Paul area is the second largest economic center in the Midwest, behind Chicago. Your opportunities are at abundance in the waterfront city which was recently named one of America’s Best Cities for young professionals and Minneapolis marketing recruiters can expect an increase of job placements.

7. Denver, CO

The economy here continues to outperform the nation in employment rate. Employment is growing faster here, housing is hotter and incomes are higher. Research from The Denver Post, supports these positive growing factors are in part due to the legalization of the brand new local marijuana industry and supported by stalwart tech and tourism industries. You can get an idea of the kinds of opportunities available in the Mile High City by this recent Denver marketing executive search we completed for a legendary brand that calls the area home.

6. New York, NY

It’s difficult to imagine our top 15 places for digital marketing without NYC. As the home to the world’s most storied agencies, biggest brands, and a center of consumerism and trade, it’s no surprise that digital marketing opportunities here are standing strong. The business center actually has the highest average for total open digital marketing jobs on our list! If you’re ready to put on your A game and take on this concrete jungle, you’ll have to contend with the high cost of living and the 20,000,000 other residents in the job market.

5. Seattle, WA

Seattle is a great example of how a large company or two can completely shift the job landscape of a city. Since Amazon exploded in growth city, its hiring hunger has transformed the economy. Microsoft, which also has a major presence in the city, also earns credit to the ripple effect of increasing open jobs. Seattle marketing recruiters have noticed the candidate shortage in Seattle parallels that of the San Francisco Bay Area, and is among the highest worldwide.

4. Austin, TX

Ever thought about relocating to Austin? Right now is the perfect time! Digital marketing recruiters have been in Utopia since the recent influx of tech startups. Mega corporations like Google are a part of the wave of tech firms that are settling here. And with a massive emergence of startups, marketers have a variety of routes to choose from with the city being on the verge of becoming a high-tech city on par with San Francisco.

3. Boston, MA

Rich history, higher education, and culture alone already have some sold on migrating to one of the oldest cities. And as the top most powerful economies, a diverse industry presence can be found in Boston. This city is home to a number of technology companies and biotechnology firms which serve as fertile ground for Boston marketing staffing.

2. San Jose, CA

San Jose has a large concentration of high-tech engineering, computer, and microprocessor companies deeming the area to be known as Silicon Valley. Digital marketers can carve out a promising future in the Silicon Valley capital due to its abundance of high-tech firms and headquarters of the top tech corporations.

1. San Francisco, CA

San Jose is home to major tech companies and has an abundance of digital marketing jobs but the San Francisco area remains as a mecca for tech corporations. The area hosts five of the biggest current hirers of marketers all on its own: Uber, Facebook, Oracle, GAP, and Wells Fargo. Given the region’s reputation as a global leader in technology, tourism and trade, its position as the best city to get a digital marketing job is well-deserved. But before you head out west, contact an experienced San Francisco marketing recruiter to get an adequate salary that’ll contend with the city’s high cost of living.

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These top 15 locations brought some expected destinations and a few surprises. As Atlanta marketing recruiters, we’re elated to see our hometown on the list. And as recruiters, we know how fierce competition is in these cities. Stand out with a creative resume that will blow employers away. The resume works double duty as the first opportunity for you to show off your proficiency to potential employers by marketing yourself. Click here to get started on your new stand out resume.

Methodology of Atlanta Marketing Recruiters

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This study isn’t perfect, but it reflects what we’ve noticed as nation-wide and Atlanta marketing recruiters and should serve to give digital marketing pros a general idea of what locations will have the best career growth opportunities in the coming year.

In order to come up with our rankings, we searched three popular job boards (Indeed, ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn) for open digital marketing jobs that were accepting applications. We make the assumption that use of online job boards to find candidates is roughly uniform across the country, though that obviously creates some room for error.

We then compared the amount of job postings in a city’s MSA to that region’s population to get a better perspective on which cities were truly digital marketing hotspots. For instance Washington, DC had a higher count of average raw job openings than other cities on the list. But when taking the MSA population into account, the digital marketing jobs per capita were a strikingly low number, not high enough to break the top 15 list. On the other hand, Nashville, TN had one of the lowest raw job openings on average of all three job boards (224). Due to its relatively modest population (1,830,345) there are more opportunities per capita and less local competition per job, earning the city a spot in the top 15.


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