The Marketer’s Step By Step Guide to Career Growth and Advancement in 2016

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Career development in any field is a unique challenge, and in marketing perhaps more than most. The speedy evolution of our discipline in related years combined with the extremely diverse facets that drive it make marketing career paths uncertain and treacherous.

We’ve developed a heap of thorough career advice specifically for talented, ambitious marketers over the years, but have never formally organized it–until now. Here’s (almost) all the basics any marketer could need to create and execute a strategy for personal and professional growth. Methodically go through these categories and make sure you’re properly equipped with the knowledge you need to improve yourself as a marketer and fulfill your career goals, from junior level positions all the way to a senior marketing executive search.

Networking and Personal Branding

Even when you’re not actively looking for a new marketing gig, it’s wise to perpetually connect yourself with key decision makers and make a name for yourself as a hard working, creative thought leader. In an industry where making connections between brands and consumers is critical to success, professionals should know all too well the power of personal engagement and a strong, recognizable identity. Start here to develop your brand as an innovative marketer and build a network that brings a steady stream of new job opportunities your way.

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Job Hunting

There are many reasons you might be actively looking for a new position, but whatever your motivation you’ll need a specialized approach as a marketer. Time to start leveraging that personal brand and broad network from earlier, in conjunction with some additional advice:

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Professional Development

As a marketer it’s important to never stop learning and improving yourself personally and professionally. In such a fast-paced discipline, it doesn’t take long to fall far behind. And since so many fields of marketing are increasingly interdependent, it’s not enough to just be an expert of branding or advertising or product–you need to keep an eye on what’s happening in the rest of marketing as well. Here are some ways to keep up and navigate your career forward in an uncertain environment.

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Your resume is one of your most valuable career growth tools, and is something you should constantly be updating and manicuring as you gain more experience. However, as experienced marketing recruiters we find that many marketers (even the really good ones) have weak resumes that don’t accurately reflect their capabilities. When you’re building and maintaining your resume, turn to these posts for guidance.

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Interview Prep and Etiquette

The interview is perhaps the single most challenging aspect of marketing recruitment, both from the candidates and employers’ perspectives. However, with enough preparation it’s an opportunity to show how passionate you are about a position and express aspects of your personality that are impossible to convey through a resume. Don’t walk into an interview without checking these out:

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Job Discussion and Negotiation During Marketing Recruitment

There can be a lot of intense, high-level business discussion surrounding your consideration and acceptance of a new role. These are conversations that become more common as you climb the career ladder, but may not be prepared for as a marketer. Here’s how to handle some of the most important and common professional conversations you’re likely to have with current and future employers as you move from job to job.

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