5 Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Marketing Job Search

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Whether you’re actively on the hunt for a new marketing job or just keeping an eye out for great opportunities, mobile apps can be a great way to improve your career mobility. Get more visibility to employers and digital marketing headhunters, enhance your networking capability, and encounter more opportunities with these must-have apps for marketers.

Job Board Apps (Free)

Many of the world’s largest online job boards have their own applications–which is a good thing, because their mobile web experiences for searching and applying to jobs can sometimes be clunky. The apps streamline the experience and remove a lot of the web clutter that makes browsing their sites awkward on mobile.

Here are a few of the most popular:

These are great places to start if you’re just starting your job search and want to get an idea of what’s out there. Because there’s such a great volume of opportunities, it’s possible to find something under nearly any marketing keyword or location. And well-made job board apps will be able to sync with the account information you provide on desktop, making applying and submitting resumes on the go a breeze.

LinkedIn (FREE)

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LinkedIn will play a crucial part in nearly any marketing job opportunity, and should be a staple for any career-oriented marketer.

The app allows you to search for and apply to open marketing jobs directly whenever you have some spare time and your phone handy. But perhaps more importantly, the LinkedIn mobile app gives you ready access to a vast amount of professionals in a social setting–so be social!

Share content, personal thoughts and insights that are valuable to your network and reflect your personality and interests. Develop relationships and make a name for yourself in Groups that are relevant to your profession and passions. Cultivate and tend a comprehensive, compelling profile with real-time updates when they’re top-of-mind.

Finally, having LinkedIn notifications available right in your pocket will alert you the moment you’re contacted about a potential job, allowing you to be extremely responsive and proactive in communicating with recruiters and digital marketing headhunters. Though this won’t guarantee you the job, it’s certainly a way to stand out among other candidates and earn some easy bonus points.

Pocket Resume (Paid)

Job opportunities can come at unexpected times, and in the fast-paced world of marketing it pays to always be prepared. Having your resume on-hand and in a format that’s easy to read and browse even on a mobile device is incredibly valuable. This best-selling iOS app empowers you to deftly create, maintain, and share your resume on-demand.

Mobile will never be the ideal format for resume viewing. You certainly wouldn’t want to bring it to an interview as a replacement for a full-size hard copy. But it’s better than nothing! Make the most of spontaneous opportunities by having a mobile-friendly resume on hand.

Portfolio Apps (Mixed)

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An online portfolio of past work is invaluable job search asset to any marketer. Creative marketing talent will of course find particular utility from having one, but you don’t have to be engaged in a creative marketing executive search to find it useful. In reality professionals in every marketing-related discipline from analytics to product marketing to search advertising and beyond can make use of one.

Certain portfolio apps enable you to create, edit, update, view and share your own marketing portfolio easily on a mobile device. Doing those things through most portfolio sites’ mobile interfaces is nearly impossible, but some of these apps make the experience much easier (though you’ll still probably want to do the majority of your heavy lifting on a desktop). Check out some of these options:

Job Interview Question-Answer (Free)

Sharpen up your interviewing skills with this interview practice app. Job Interview Question-Answer does exactly as its name suggests–it challenges you with tough, common interview questions, gives you an opportunity to answer.

What’s especially cool about this app is that it records your response with your device’s camera and microphone, so you can see exactly how you sound and act when you respond. This is a perfect opportunity to review your response and body language and look for areas of improvement.

The app also offers some response coaching and suggests strategies to take for each question asked.

As a general interview practice tool, marketers should not over-rely on this for their interview prep and practice.However, it’s a good opportunity to get yourself more comfortable answering questions, which is especially valuable if you haven’t participated in an interview in a long time.

What apps do you use to grow your career? We’d love to hear creative ways marketers use mobile tech to get more opportunities and enhance their job search!

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