13 of This Year’s Most Eye Catching Skills on a Digital Marketer’s Resume

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Digital marketing is evolving with staggering speed. If you’ve been a part of it in recent years, you’ve no doubt been accumulating new skills left and right out of necessity.

The most desirable skills come and go, and depend heavily on your field. But as digital marketing recruiters we find some to be almost universally eye-catching for any digital marketing role at any level. If you’re looking to improve your career options, consider adding some of these particularly hot skills to make that resume a little more irresistible.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is inescapable in today’s digital marketing landscape. Brands have realized that they need to be producing a steady stream of high-quality content in order to attract their audiences. Now anyone who can plan, strategize, create and promote compelling, engaging content is in high demand.

2. CMS Experience

Experience with CMS

Since nearly all businesses publish content with the help of a Content Management System (CMS), being able to claim some CMS experience on your resume is always a smart move, especially if you’re applying for anything related to content marketing. WordPress and Drupal are two of the most common examples of content management systems you may want to get your hands dirty with.

3. CRM Skills

Many businesses are also looking for experts in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which serves as an essential tool for virtually any company. CRM software is used to organize and manage customers’ various interactions with a company. CRM software helps bridge the gap between sales, marketing, and customer service. Popular CRM software includes Salesforce and Oracle.

4. Mobile Marketing

Digital Marketing Recruiters Love Mobile Skills!

Mobile Marketing Skills

It’s estimated that 60 % of mobile consumers use their mobile phone as their primary (or only) device for accessing the internet, and over half of e-commerce traffic is driven by mobile devices!

Yet the supply of marketers who can effectively leverage mobile platforms and devices right now is astonishingly low. Understanding the mobile marketing landscape will make you a hero in the eyes of employers.

5. Lead Nurturing

As companies say sayonara to hard sales tactics and cold calls, they increasingly look to lead nurturing as a better sales solution. In the B2B world, most customer relationships today begin with content offers, then continue on with lead nurturing through the sales funnel. Lead nurturing is in super high demand, so employees with experience in this area should be sure to note it on their resume’s marketing skills list and LinkedIn profiles.

Show that you understand the lead nurturing model and that you have some knowledge of how various types of content (from ebooks to webinars) can be crafted to serve specific audience needs.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t new, but remains one of the most effective ways to market products and services. Email lists are plentiful, and brands are hungry for employees who can help them grow, retain, and delight email subscribers. They’re looking for employees who understand open rates, A/B testing, and lead nurturing.

7. Video Production

There has been a huge upsurge recently with video production. Brands are recognizing that video is a very engaging and compelling form of content that can be used to a company’s advantage.

Any experience in video production, editing, and even video animation is highly coveted. And you don’t have to be a pro. More and more brands are discovering that  they don’t need high-end production or extensive training in front of cameras to create video that’s informative, entertaining, and engaging.

Best of all, you can brush up on some of these skills yourself if you’ve got a bit of spare time.

8. Paid Social Media Advertising

In an age when you can pay for Likes and promote your Tweets, competition is heating up in the social arena. Wise businesses know that working with paid opportunities is one of the best (and quickest) ways to get seen in valuable social real estate.

A short intro to paid advertising on social media

Video from Docstoc.com

9. UX Design

User experience design (UXD or UED) is another one of those fast-growing fields where supply can’t quite caught up and talent is constantly in demand. Businesses know that their product needs to be smooth and streamlined, and they are chomping at the bit for skilled UX designers who can help create an intuitive, natural product experience for users.

10. Data Science

Digital Marketing Recruiters Prefer Data Skills

business intelligence recruiting

With all the analytics capabilities that are now easily accessible to anyone, data is plentiful. But most organizations struggle to make effective use of it. From conversion tracking cookies, social media responses and video views to GPS data and app activity, the sheer volume of big data companies have access to is overwhelming.

That’s where you come in– the data analysis expert who can help sort, organize, and, most importantly, extract meaning and actionable insights from these huge data landfills.

In order to be a data scientist, you’ll need to be madly in love with math and be a true numbers person. If you’ve got the goods, you’re in a prime position for employers and digital marketing recruiters to be knocking at your door (or even breaking it down).

11. Data Visualization

Going hand in hand with the statistical analysis crew, brands also want to be able to share some of their data insights with their key target audiences. It’s one thing to be able to crunch numbers, it’s another to be able to display them in a way others understand.

That’s where data visualizers come in– they help reformat valuable, insightful data into visual graphs, charts, and graphics that make those numbers easier to digest. Data visualizers are utilized to create powerful, data-driven content that is appealing to users (infographics are a prime example) as well as internal business reports.

12. HTML, CSS, and Other Coding Languages

Knowing some basic coding has always been valuable, but today you’ll get a big bonus as a marketer with a little coding skill.

And you don’t need to be a master programmer to dramatically increase your value. Proving you know at least some very basic HTML and CSS skills shows that you can self-correct your own hiccups with a bit of finagling. If you’re beyond the basics, even better!

13. Consumer Behaviorist

Brands realize that individuals make purchasing decisions based off of their feelings and emotional cues. It’s why advertisements like the Budweiser Super Bowl puppy ads are so successful.

As businesses seek to amp up the emotional storytelling and strengthen consumer bonds to brands, they want experts who understand consumer behavior and can help figure out what makes their key audiences tick.

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