Happy with Your Job? Time to Look for Another

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So you’re happy and successful in your current job, you like your coworkers and the work you do, and have produced demonstrable results for your company. Perfect: it’s time to consider doing something else.

There is no better time to be on the lookout for another job than when you are successful and able to quantify that success with your existing role. This is when you have the most flexibility, bargaining power and opportunity for upward mobility.

The keyword here is LOOK. You don’t need to be constantly flitting between companies or committing to every opportunity that comes your way. But unless you keep your eyes and mind open to easily-accessible options, you’re likely to miss out on a chance to quickly progress your career or lay claim to your dream job.

The Worst Time to Look for Careers in Marketing

Ironically, most people wait until the worst possible times to look for more work options. That occurs when you’re currently in active need of a new job:

  • When you’re unemployed due to sudden resignation, layoffs or other reasons.
  • When your job security is in question due to economic troubles, corporate restructuring, or other factors.
  • When you actively dislike your current job and are desperate to be doing something else.

At this point you have fewer options and less leverage when choosing jobs and negotiating terms. You may settle for careers in marketing that are less than ideal in fear that you have no better choice or be faced with unemployment for an indefinite amount of time.

Better Network Opportunities

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Currently employed individuals have better access to professional networks and can take advantage of them to progress their careers.

When you’re on the job you’re actively engaged with numerous networks that can lead to strong, relevant job opportunities. Whether or not you realize it, you’re plugged in to circles of suppliers, distributors, colleagues, business partners, vendors, clients, customers and more. In most cases these are the networks where your job experience has the most transferability. It’s far easier to engage with these people as job references and resources when employed than otherwise.

A Higher Seat at the Negotiating Table

When you’re happily employed, you have a much stronger bargaining position when it comes to terms of title, pay, benefits, responsibility and more. The fact that you can comfortably walk away from negotiations at any time with little worry means that you have the ability to establish win-win compensation terms agreeable to both parties.

This isn’t to say you should be trying to push your future employer  too far or nickel-and-dime them over less important issues—that’s a poor way to start a relationship that leads to resentment and unrealistic expectations. But if they can’t make it worth it to you to consider leaving a job you like well enough already, then they’ll have to consider someone else.

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Nothing to Lose

Other than the small investment of time it takes to keep your resume updated, stay in contact with marketing recruiters and occasionally look around for new opportunities, there are no costs to looking for new careers in marketing.

If you explore an opportunity and decide for whatever reason it’s not for you, that’s fine. You’re under no obligation to continue pursuing a job, no matter how far down the hiring process you are. You can always decide to stay in your current spot and wait to see what other opportunities come along.

That’s the ultimate reason why this is the best time to be looking at other careers in marketing. You are in a position of strength where saying “no” to a potential job doesn’t put you in a tight spot. You don’t have the pressure of financial problems from unemployment or trying to escape from work that makes you miserable.

Here’s some simple advice on how to keep job options available while not broadcasting to the world that you’re looking for work.

You have access to all the potential benefits of new careers in marketing, without the risks associated with being unemployed. So why not take advantage of them?

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