The Faux Job Offer – Should You Use Fake Counter Offers?


It seems the practice of trying to shift momentum in a marketing candidate’s favor by imposing deadlines for the hiring company started long before I got involved in the business. Some candidates will create fake counter offers and tell the recruiter they have an offer when they do not.

A Fake Job Offer Can Backfire

Ultimately, I have rarely seen this work out well for the candidate and most of the time it backfires. Companies have a hiring process that they go through because it has proven successful for them in the past. Asking them to shorten (disrupt) this process makes them uneasy, there is no good reason to do this unless it is absolutely necessary.

After the deadline has passed, it is amazing how often this other offer did not materialize and they are still interested in my client. Unfortunately, the candidate with the faux offer has now lost tremendous credibility.

Instead of using a fake offer that can lead to compromised credibility and a lost opportunity, it is best to motivate the employer by other means.

To Speed Up The Hiring Process Show That You Are The Best Candidate

You can help the employer come to a decision faster if you show them that you are indeed the best candidate. During the interview, be active and make sure everything is covered for the employer to make a decision. Give all the information needed and present yourself and your skills to the maximum extent possible.

Provide Comprehensive Responses

If you answered all the questions during the interview and the hiring manager does not have any questions for you, think about what else the employer might need to know about you. Some of your strengths could put you ahead of the competition and make your candidacy strong.

Even if not asked directly by the interviewer, provide answers to questions that the employer might be interested in. If you feel that your interviewer might be doubting your skills and experience in certain areas, but the hiring manager did not ask or comment about it, you can still address these doubts and tell how you would deal with the issue.

Demonstrate Authentic Interest In The Role And The Company

Asking questions about the role and showing how well you fit into the position and into the company overall will help the interviewer make a faster decision.

Show evidence that backs up your claims. Make an impression to stay on top of the mind of the hiring manager.

Still No Decision? Keep Searching Until You Get A Job Offer

After all your efforts to show the potential employer that you are the best candidate and they should hire you as fast as possible, if they haven’t still made any decision, it is best to continue the job hunting process.

If the hiring company is taking a long time, for sure they have their own reasons. While they are deciding, you could keep searching for something even better and get several job offers that might be more appealing.

Several Job Offers Can Give You Leverage When Negotiating The Salary

Having job offers from several employers is never going to hurt. First, after getting a job offer from another company, you can tell the hiring manager about it and ask them to speed up the process so that you can make a better decision. Secondly, if the company you have been waiting for decides to hire you, having other job offers can help negotiate a higher salary or other benefits. Employers might give a counter job offer with additional perks.

Be Transparent

A fake offer is always a risk that can hinder your credibility. What we recommend is transparency. If you really have a competing offer or are expecting one, share everything you know about it with the recruiter. Then we can manage our client accordingly and if you are truly very talented it is likely we can get them to make a decision more quickly than they wanted to. However, there is the risk they will not adjust the timing of the deal, a risk you have no reason to absorb if you are not forced to do so.

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