Social Media Skills Become Crucial for Job Hunters

social media skills


If you can’t Tweet, you might get beat — in the job hunt, that is. Develop basic social media skills or be ready to be disappointed on the job hunt.

Social media is increasingly becoming more popular for companies, recruiters, and staffing agencies searching for potential employees, as its usually quicker and more cost effective. Viewing social media profiles is a quick way for employers to get a bit of a feel for a candidate’s personality, before even setting up an interview. By viewing your posts, photos, and friends, people feel they can get a sense of your thoughts, morals, and attitudes. While the impression they get may not always be an accurate representation of people’s character, that may determine whether or not a person gets contacted for an interview. First impressions are everything, and your first impression may in fact be made by your social media persona.

For that reason in particular, everyone should adhere to these tips, as they will ensure that no one gets the wrong idea about the type of person you are before they actually meet you. Use your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles to show your true self, and to create an attractive image to potential employers and the like.

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