Financial Services Company Saves Time and Money Using Contract Services from MarketPro

Financial Services Company Saves Time and Money Using Contract Services from MarketPro

The Situation

One of MarketPro’s clients, a large U.S.-based financial services organization, acquired a like company and needed to integrate the sizeable new customer and employee base into its existing organization and infrastructure. This multi-tiered initiative involved communicating news of the acquisition to existing customers and staff, as well as an extensive, long-term marketing and communications effort aimed at hundreds of thousands of customers and employees of the newly acquired company, developed and delivered in full compliance with regulatory and privacy laws and procedures.

The Challenges

The company faced several major challenges:

  1. Prior to the acquisition, the company had launched a complete corporate and product rebranding initiative. The broad initiative had to be refitted to encompass the employees and customers of both organizations.
  2. Time constraints and deadlines existed for integrating new customers into the organization, and for meeting regulatory communications requirements.
  3. Facing a substantial, two-pronged marketing effort stretching across the next 18 months, the company did not have the in-house marketing human resources for a project of this magnitude. They were also unprepared to make long-term commitments to the number of employees required to accomplish their goals.

The Solution—Skilled Contractors through MarketPro

As the company’s marketing recruiter, MarketPro was consulted by its client to help determine the best approach to filling its needs, and to quickly line up the necessary human resources for the program. While the client’s senior marketing executives set the strategy for the program, MarketPro was able to quickly provide dedicated support from a team of approximately 20 manager- and senior manager-level marketing and communications professionals, with expertise in financial and investor relations, to execute the program.

The team was identified and vetted through a combination of MarketPro’s existing relationships with thousands of marketing professionals, and its proprietary database of mid- to senior-level marketing candidates. The team was set up to work through MarketPro’s Contract Services for the term length required to complete the program.

The Results—Perfect Fit for Client and Contractors

Due to MarketPro’s flexible staffing services structure, in particular its Contract Services offering, the client was able to benefit from the skill sets of a seasoned team of marketers and communications experts—without making long-term employment commitments to 20 individuals. The arrangement satisfied the preferences and requirements of both the client and the team.

On behalf of the company, MarketPro’s contractors successfully executed a full-spectrum marketing communications program, which included direct mail, Internet marketing and communications, mass media advertising, financial and investor relations, corporate communications, and public relations.

In the Client’s Words

Nearing the end of the successfully executed program, the client said of MarketPro: “Our experience with MarketPro proves their uniqueness in having the bandwidth to service a massive marketing recruitment project for the financial services industry. No job is too big, small, or complicated for MarketPro, and their talent connections are impeccable and far-reaching.”