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Why You NEED Your Chief Digital Officer Sooner than Later

You’re going to get a chief digital officer. The only question is whether you’ll do it in time to stay ahead of the competition or wait until you’ve fallen behind everyone else. Marketing is evolving faster than most people can keep up. In just a few years, you’ve seen how huge trends in social media, […]

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The Dangers of Using IT Talent Agencies for Marketing Staffing Needs

Here’s a crazy idea: when you need to hire marketing talent, use a marketing staffing agency. That might seem like an obvious course of action, but many organizations find their marketing candidates through a firm with a different specialization (or none at all). A surprising portion of companies are turning to IT staffing agencies to […]

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Why Contingency Based Marketing Recruiters are Doomed to Fail

If you’ve been getting consistently unsatisfactory results from your contingency marketing recruiters, don’t expect that to change any time soon. Their search model simply isn’t optimal when you need quality talent that’s a strong fit for your skill needs and company culture. The Costs of Uncertainty Contingency firms never know where their next paycheck is […]

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Avoid an Epic Marketing Disaster with Digital Fluency

Having a digital marketing translator who can easily communicate with both marketers and developers is becoming increasingly vital to any organization that hopes to stay relevant online. More and more business activities are performed online every day. And not just straight marketing—sales, communications, branding, customer interaction. All are vitally important day-to-day activities that all rely […]

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How Your Hiring Delays are Costing You $$$ – And How Marketing Recruiters Can Help

If you as a hirer drag your feet when the time comes to pick a candidate, don’t be surprised if your window of opportunity closes and you’re left to pick from a less qualified pool. Imagine that you’re the general manager of an NBA team and you’re looking to strengthen your mediocre roster. LeBron James […]

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Essential Things You MUST Tell Executive Candidates: Tips from a Marketing Executive Recruiter

Competition for top talent is fierce. When you’re courting the best marketing executives, it’s important to bring more than just an attractive salary to the table. Money is only one contributor to what motivates the best (and is often one of the least important). There are certain other things top leaders want to hear about […]

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6 Reasons to Go Exclusive with Marketing Staffing Agencies

Marketing Staffing Agencies: Multiple vs. Exclusive When you need the best and brightest talent working for you, you’re better off choosing to partner exclusively with one specialized firm than working with several marketing staffing agencies. Conventional hiring wisdom is ineffective and even detrimental when looking to add new marketing talent to your company. When faced with a staffing need, […]

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Marketing Talent: Top Tips for Interviewing the Best

If you want to recruit and hire the best marketers, you have to be able to communicate with them comfortably. When your company has a priority marketing need that needs to be filled, it’s not enough to get good candidates in for an interview. The interview itself is an essential way to ensure they’re a […]

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How to Negotiate a Win-Win Salary Agreement in Your Marketing Executive Search

One sensitive subject that frequently crops up in high-level marketing executive searches is salary. It’s a touchy subject that jeopardizes a lot of CMO tenures before they even begin. When negotiating contract terms for an executive position, it’s always best when the candidate and the company enter an agreement happy and with healthy expectations. But […]

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The Hidden Value of Marketing Staffing Background Checks

Reference and background checks are valuable tools for evaluating and validating potential hires. Yet many companies and staffing agencies overlook them when taking on temporary, contract and flexible marketing staffing. This is a risky strategy that leads to bad hires and missed opportunities. The best way to predict someone’s future is by taking a look […]

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